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Categories : Boost/Preamp

Brand : Lovepedal

Church of tone 50.
The 50 is an ultra simple pedal, more like a tool in the guitarist's tool box. I use to go to these blues jams in Detroit MI. They always had some junky amp for jammers to play through. So I came up with this box that would simulate tube amp break up, give me enough of a boost to get above the band for solos and clean up very well with the volume knob on the guitar.
It has a very vintage plexi sound. It was designed to sound like a late 60s plexi loaded with 6550s. Through any amplifier, even a Solid State amp. It cleans up very well, when you roll back the volume knob on your guitar. This works like a pre gain adjustment. The uniqueness of this unit is in the dynamics. A world of different subtle break up is available at the guitar volume knob. It cleans up so fast at the guitar most people leave it on all the time and work the guitar volume for everything they need.

The knob is there for a bias adjustment. Hot biased or trimmed to original signal strength. If your the type of player that digs rolling off at the guitar. This is the pedal you want. Very crystal clear and raw uncompressed tone. This is the Billy Gibbons tone or early Hendrix sound. Depending on how you set the unit and the controls at your guitar.

The 50 has one knob that adjusts the bias of the transistor. This knob will make some noise when you adjust, the old Dallas Rangemasters did the same thing. Set the bias knob for the sweet spot, adjust volume knob on guitar to clean or dirty your signal.
The 50 will push your amp! The switch for the 9 volt power supply is located on the input jack. So make sure you unplug the unit at the input jack to turn unit off.

Carbon Batteries sound best to me (dollar store 2 for a buck). But try alkaline to see which you like best. "Some of the best tones in this box come by simply adjusting your volume and tone at the guitar."
There is a lot of different shades of gain in this box and it sounds great with any guitar/amp combination.

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