Superdelay Vintage Modified

439 €
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Categories : Delay, Looper

Brand : Empress

The best delay on earth!
The Vintage Modified Superdelay is based on the standard superdelay with modification to the Tape modes.
- "vintage mode" has more pronounced modulation
- "old mode" has increased modulation along with a high end roll off and added compression.
 -A new paint job rounds out the Vintage Modified Superdelay, giving it a more classic look.

All the good stuff the superdelay has become known for is still there too including:
- 24 modes
- 8 Presets
- Tap Tempo
- True Bypass
- Super quiet operation (SNR is better than 100dB)
- Innovative modes such as rhythm, reverse octave, dynamic and many more.
- MANY times smaller than a real tape delay (your back will thank you)
- expression pedal control
- looper capability

Out of stock. Please check "Coming Soon" or send us an email.

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