That's Echo Folks with Pig's Tail

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That s echo folks
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Categories : Delay

Brand : MG Music

The best analog delay!
Besides all the features you get with this analogue delay, you can also control the delay time with the "Pig’s Tail". A photoelectric sensor at the end of a cable hooked to the side of the pedal. You use it like an expression pedal! It can be turned on and off via a footswitch. The closer you get to the sensor, the slower the delay time. If you take your foot off the cable the delay time goes to the fastest delay possible.
It can go from 0-600 milliseconds in a second. The feedback can be doubled and the mix can be controlled from either the conventional pot on the unit or the larger on the side of the device. With this one you can use your foot so you can easily alter the mix in live situations.
A great pedal with lots of useable features.....Hours of fun!!

Out of stock. Please check "Coming Soon" or send us an email.

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